Tuesday, March 3, 2009

wait, the redesign wasn't a joke??!

NO, it wasn't!

A year ago Saturday, I officially bought the www.frozenoranges.com domain. On one hand, YAY, we all know I love anniversaries like none other. On the other (as it is only a one year buy) this means that I am running out of time to redesign as I'll be transferring my blog to Wordpress.

The transfer is going to be between 11p and 1a tonight (03/03/09), at which time my site will be down for maintenance. When I get it back up, it will officially be on Wordpress (and hosted by moi, not Blogger) but, frankly, will look like crap. It is temporary while Bill (my coding wiz) and I get together the new template, probably another week or 2.

I'm really excited about it and, so far, pretty happy with my design. I can't wait to finally have it up. I have been dying to redesign for months now.

I appreciate you're patience. Love you all!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the official purchase of the domain! I'm looking forward to the revamped version of Frozen Oranges. :)