Saturday, February 9, 2008

ed terms to know.



.order of treatment.

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Lily said...

Of course, as your disclaimer said, you only received your information from the treatment facilities you have attended. However, to my knowledge, I've come to realise "inpatient" as a medically-staffed facility; that is, if a medical emergency should arrive or a patient has medical issues, they can be tended to "on site." Examples would be Renfrew or Remuda Ranch. Residential would be something more like Remuda Life (the transitional phase) and many of the centres in California (like Monte Nido, etc). Mercy Ministries would also be considered residential. What you're describing as residential strikes me more as a transitional, step-down, or live-in facility, you know?

Anyway, totally not trying to make any attacks on you. Just sharing my own knowledge. :)