Thursday, February 19, 2009

meda events in honor of EDAW 'o9.

Hey, boys and girls. I've received a few e-mails looking for more information on MEDA's upcoming EDAW events. For information, please visit the Events page at (If you click on the "FLYER" links, you'll see the flyers I've drawn up for the events.)

For a quick overview:

Monday, Feb 23
Panel of Recovery at Holy Cross College, Worcester MA
Exactly as it sounds, there will be a panel of speakers discussing their experiences with eating disorders.

Thursday, Feb 26
"The Thin Line" at BB&N High School, Cambridge MA
A one-woman performance (approximately 30 min) of an eating disorder, as seen from the patient, her best friend, her mom, and the "man" himself. A Q&A will follow the performance.

I, myself, will be working the Panel of Recovery event. I hope to see some of you there!
Feel free to e-mail myself for anymore information that may not be covered here or on the MEDA Events page.


Jen said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now, and I wanted to post and say thanks for posting about MEDA events. My husband and I will actually be speaking *in* the Panel for Recovery and I look forward to meeting you!

emmy. said...

that's awesome! thank you so much for reading :)

i look forward to meeting you monday night! i hope i'll get a moment to formally introduce myself :)

Jag8279 said...

Hey, it's Jill, you know me from facebook but I don't think I've actually ever commented on your blog, which I've actually started reading quite freaquently now. I think it's awesome that MEDA is finally holding something in Worcester (i live there.) There is never anything out here, so when I hear about it I was super ecstatic about not having to drive 45minutes to an hour for something. It would be awesome if you guys could hold more stuff out this way if it's possible.

Jen said...

Out of curiousity, do you know how many people they expect at the Panel on Monday?

emmy. said...

oh man, i read your comment like, 6 times and kept thinking you said, "out of courtesy" and i'm thinking.. "what does that have to do with anything??"

lol CURIOSITY.. gotcha.
honestly, i have no idea. the woman in charge would know but i haven't discussed it with her and i won't see her again until.. the event on monday night lol. i guess it'll be a surprise ;)

jill: hey, welcome :) you should comment more often, haha ;) unfortunately, we don't plan where our events are so much as the people who ask us to do an event in their area. i'm not sure exactly how that works, of course, but i'll put a word in ;)

..i use emoticons a lot.. i apologize lol.