Wednesday, February 11, 2009

omg, that's so bad for you.

Ahh, one of my favorite lines. "Don't eat that! That's so bad for you!" Unless you're my nutritionist or my mother, I'm probably not going to listen to you when you say this. (Warning: this unfortunately does not apply to all mothers..)
Two facts I learned from treatment: 1) there are NO "BAD FOODS." 2) Everyone has different nutritional needs and not all bodies need or shouldn't have one thing over another. The exception to this is the obvious stuff like, everyone probably needs protein and fruits and veggies and basically your general food groups.
I need carbs. Lots of 'em. My brother, on the other hand, needs to greatly control his intake due to the 'betes. (Um, that would be "diabetes" for people that don't know me, my family, or Wilford Brimley.)
I digress.
My point is that when I eat a donut, I really don't need people telling me, "Oh man, do you have any idea how bad those are for you?" They're not. I can eat whatever I want. It ain't good if you eat 12 a day. There are no "bad" foods. Everything that your specific body can physically handle is okay in moderation.
On the contrary, I may have taken this too far. I eat a lot of junk food lately. Now that I am at a point where I freaking love food (and.. I do), it's time for me to start focusing on actually balancing my intake correctly. Especially in my family where high cholesterol is common, I do need to keep an eye on it.
I think that's a difficult thing to do. Coming up on "full recovery," it seems no one really cares what you eat as long as you're eating. That's all great and well. Yay for anything with calories! I was happy that I could eat whatever my poor, little, deprived heart wanted. And, okay, I still can. I just need to work on balancing out that junk food with the good stuff. I've gotten better, but damn I love my junk food.
Man, I really hope I can raise my kids with good nutritional values. That seems like such a difficult thing to do without pushing to one extreme or another.


Katie said...

It's so funny that after you've starved yourself for so long or had so many food rules and then you give yourself permission to eat the "off limits" foods taste that much better

Labyrinith said...

Kudos to the doughnuts! I used to eat one every day before freshman and sophomore year of high school and I would never deprive Joey of one. You said it, no food is a bad food. Everything in moderation-you've come too far. Ignore society's false belief's. Listen to your body and follow it's cues. XO

Anonymous said...

That phrase really gets to me too. It's hard to keep in mind that moderation is the key to healthiness when society is so obsessed with diets and weight, I think you are brilliant for being able to remind yourself of this!

Mom said...

Who's an ugly kitty??? :-P

Big J said...

I was just forwarded an entire website full of food that I'm pretty sure nobody should ever consume. Not even in moderation.

I hate the name of the site, but here it is: