Wednesday, November 21, 2007

...and i'll learn how to fly.

i've decided to give my future some freedom.
which took a lot for me to do.

i've been planning my future since i was 5.
it's changed a lot, but i always worked it out.

i was going to live in a box in manhatten
until i made it big on broadway.
then i decided i'd rather live in l.a.
in a roach-invested apt until i
make it big in the film industry.

i also planned on going to berklee...
i mean, emerson.
wait, i mean mt. ida.
wait, no, aib...

i stopped living 21.
i started doing everything that
would aim me in the direction of

photography hasn't even brought me
to where i planned it would.
it set me on a path in the right direction,
but now i'm looking at a new career focus.

things change. plans change.
i don't know where the hell
i'm going to be next week...
let alone in 5-10 years.
i have the typical hopes:
steady my career, get married, have kids.

i've been dreaming of california,
and maybe that's where i'd end up.
or maybe i'm not supposed to live there.
maybe i'm going to end up in colorado.
maybe i'm going to raise my kids in mass.
there's no way of telling,
but i'm going to stop guessing
and let things happen as they will.

it's really so much more fun
to let yourself be surprised, anyways.

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