Sunday, February 17, 2008

what it's all about.

tonight, i received a message from a girl on facebook that i don't know. she's currently in treatment at walden and found me through a group about our home away from home. she wrote me to tell me that she had read over my blog and found it to be very inspirational. then, she continued on to explain that things were going great for her in treatment "until tonight".
that first slip hits us all and there's no way to prepare for the guilt that comes with that. she wasn't sure who to talk to about that, so she came to me.

and now... well, now i feel like i'm starting to have an effect. that's all i've wanted is to inspire people and to help make the hardest battle to fight just a little bit easier for someone else to bare. and now that i'm starting to see the way that people respond to my writing, i realize things can only go up from here. i just...need to know how i can do more.

speaking of doing more, i have 1 week to figure out what i can do to get involved in NEDAW. you should all do the same. patients, recovered fighters, family, friends... it doesn't matter what your connection is. if you're connected through an eating disorder by 6 degrees (and, if you're human, i can guarantee you are), i strongly encourage you to find a way to have an effect.

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carrie said...


I found you through Harriet's blog, and I have to say I love your writing. In many ways, you remind me of me. Would you mind if I gave you a link?

And I love the new header graphic.