Thursday, February 21, 2008

some in-hospital artwork.

the following are some drawings i did during my time in residential treatment back in sept-oct 2006. the first is in pen and colored pencil, the second in crayon.
(i'll admit, the second was originally in pencil and i redid it specifically for the purpose of web appearance.)

a lot of people don't always see this one right off the bat. it's sort of an "eat or be eaten" type view of the eating disorder. and it's the painful truth.

© emily rubenstein 2006
(both of these are watermarked, but just in case.
please do not use without permission.)


yanyb said...

Wow! I thought that first one was damn cool, and didn't even notice the body detail on the apple until a second or third glance. This is.... fantastic.

Mama said...

You're a great artist, keep up the good work! I have published some of my artwork on my blog as well (it's way back though) and sometimes I think that showing a piece of artwork is so much more powerful than writing a long post!

Tracey said...


Powerful to be able to work through this medium, isn't it?

For our d I find this is to be incredibly healing, and she's able to work individually with an Art Therapist so she can be both guided when things become a bit uncomfortable- but also maintain her own integrity within the process and expressing her own specific POV.

Amazing work- you are an inspiration to others!

All the Best-

KC Elaine said...

wow, I adore your artwork. I've never seen any depictions like this, and though it is different from typical ED art, it's so very expressive of the things I have felt.