Friday, May 9, 2008

i'm alive! promise.

dear readers,

thank you for your patience. i know this is probably the longest i have gone without updating since, well, february 8th. the past 2 weeks have been the final 2 weeks of my photography education at cdia-bu and i have been cramming to finish my practicum client's final deliverable (that can be viewed on my personal blog) and getting together everything that was owed to the school for my gallery show and archiving. it was probably the most stressed i have ever been in my life.

on top of all else, i snapped a few days ago - something i haven't done for as long as i can remember. "why" no longer matters. i have gotten it out of my system to the people i owe my life to and i actually feel no desire to go back into it. ahh, the magic of letting things go.
now, i didn't go into it with my mom. she called, asked me if everything was ok (she "feels" me), i said i didn't want to talk, and we hung up. however, she's discovered a new way to bring my spirits up. we don't have to talk, she doesn't have to know what's going on, but it's officially a no-fail solution. even if it doesn't make me suddenly feel fantastic, you can't help but crack a smile... or die, laughing.

she sends me videos, like the ones i'm posting below. and we end up finding more and sending them back and forth even if we don't say anything else... for at least an hour.
next time you're going out of your mind and are running out of coping mechanisms, open up this post (and grab a snack). i *dare* you to tell me it doesn't make your day just a little bit better.

(this one's my favorite.)

how was there nothing about kitten videos in my dbt workbook...
oy, my roommate's cat just took me over. can't...actually see the screen anymore. i should go :P


Tracey said...

Dear Em-

Happy to see you back!

Knew you had to be busy with your creative endeavors and am hoping you can have some space/time this summer to ENJOY!

In Health & Strength- all the Best-

*the videos are adorable and hilarious- sometimes Mom's know just what to do to brighten/lighten the day!*


KC Elaine said...

kitties! happy you're back. meow!