Monday, July 7, 2008

it all came out, just not in words.

i finally had the chance to take shots of the stuff i've done in the hospital and "digitalize" them.  they're not as straightforward and/or eating disorder related as my last entries were, but they were part of my recovery.  i either drew them specifically for an art therapy group, or on my own time to help hold myself together.

for some reason, during the export, my images always lose color.  i haven't figured that out yet, but these are slightly duller than the actual drawings.

[for those of you who aren't Jewish, this is a "chai".]
[it means "life" in hebrew.]

if anyone else has art of any form (drawings, collages, writing pieces, HIPAA-friendly photos**, etc) that they wouldn't mind sharing, i would love to see them.  and, with your permission, i'd love to do a post sharing what other people have done to help them use art to work through their recovery.

you can e-mail them to me at
all rights will remain yours.
if it makes you more comfortable, you could even send me a post of your own blog featuring your work, and i will simply link to that post.


Vickyann said...

You are very talented. I love art as therapy, I haveby my bedside, pen, paper, paints yet for over a year now I haven't been able use them.

I need to change that.


Anonymous said...

Excellent! Thank you for sharing them.

While you are obviously very talented, I am a huge believer that anyone, artist or not, benefits from art therapy. (And music therapy, and pet therapy.)

I hope you get some others to share their work, too.