Thursday, July 31, 2008

organizing my life..

I'm here, I'm alive, and I have a number of partially-written posts to be finished.
This past month has been really insane, and I apologize for ill production.  This post-college lifestyle is taking some getting used to, especially where I am not used to working more than 25 hours a week and I have been pulling 40-50 hour weeks.  I may have to start scheduling in blog time, as opposed to jumping on my Blogger Dashboard when I have the energy to, which is rarely as of late.
I have received comments from people on a few occasions about how I may not let my readers into my life as much as it seems.  Well, readers, you asked for it:
My job means feeding people, which is ironic and often raises the question of whether or not I'm okay to be doing so.  We have been through this; I am mentally "okay" to be doing anything.  Yes, serving - once upon a time - tipped the scale (no pun intended) and send me into my first stint of residential patientry.  (Not a word.. should be, though.)  Anyways, the bottom line of this is that I spend hours and hours on my feet, get teased by my managers for needing both my knees wrapped at my age, and eating more Mexican food than a white person should probably eat.  I tell people I'm surprised I haven't turned Mexican, but I'm Jewish, so turning time is probably much longer than average.
If you live in the Boston area, I highly recommend you come down to Margaritas, grab some food, and sit in my section :)  I'll even give you a sombrero.
Consuming-my-life topic #2 has been my apartment search.  I don't think I've ever discussed it on this blog, but it's all up on my more personal site.  Bottom line, I found one, was approved on my birthday (turned 22 on Mon, 7/28!), and am moving in this weekend.  Yes, talk about last minute.  My mom will be here in an hour to help get this whole apt shoved into tiny alcohol-branded boxes from the packie down the street.  So.  Freakin.  Excited.
CML topic #3 is working on going back to school.  I'm meeting with my original admissions counselor on Monday about being *re*admitted into the Graphic Design program.  The good news is, the process should be faster this time around because they already know me there.  Apparently, there is also a rather large discount for students who return to complete a different program.  This time, however, there is no parental help, financially.  I have to learn about loans and payment plans and all that good stuff.  I'm scared about going back, especially because I am only doing the part time program (approximately 18 months) so it will take over a year to complete, take up time that I could be doing shows, and possibly hurt my income.  On the contrary, it will definitely help my income in the long run because finding GD work is a million times easier than finding photography work right now.  It seems like *everyone* is looking for a graphic designer.
So, that's that.  I promise I will be back on a more regulated posting schedule after I am moved in to my new place.  I appreciate your patience and I hope you're all doing well!
Peace out.


brie said...

emmy, I'm so glad you're back! ;)

Wow, sounds like things are indeed crazy. I'm quite proud that you can serve food. I worked at Tony Roma's for 2 months and hard-core relapsed at the job. It wasn't just about being around the food; it was the stress and the noise and the people. After I quit, I was IP within 2 months. :(

Yay for new apartments and going back to school! Good luck, and keep us updated.


MalMusing said...

Moving, going back to school, and working full time sounds exhausting. I hope that the move goes smoothly for you. Also, this is odd, but it is funny how so many expressions revolve around food/eating. ex. "Life consuming"

Ai Lu said...

I just discovered your blog and I have to say that "choosing life over survival" is a great motto for someone in recovery!

And congratulations on being able to work in the food industry. Food can give a lot of pleasure as well as pain, and I'm of the opinion that it's good to get a different perspective on it.

Ai Lu