Thursday, July 10, 2008

a new perspective: callisto.

My first willing participant has stepped up to the plate. I have received e-mails from this reader before and I really appreciate her offering up her artwork for my blog.  She's extremely talented which, mind you, is not the point of recovery-art.  I don't want anyone to be deterred from sending me the work they've done because they're not "an artist".

Here is what she had to say:
I've never done art therapy for my anorexia. I draw a lot, though, so I went and did a bit of research on art therapy for anorexia and then looked through my own work and, wow, it was quite an eye-opener. I noticed that I tend to draw delicate things chained, bottled or tied up, and a lot of elaborate designs that look tangled, but don't touch. I'm not sure what this means, but it's interesting to look at my own work with this new perspective. I usually draw things without giving it a second thought. Now I'll be contemplating, "What the hell was this supposed to mean, anyway?" I'll have to talk to my therapist about this, and maybe she can shed some light. Thanks for giving me the idea of using what I already do to help myself.
"faerie in un bottle"
© callisto 2oo8

© callisto 2oo8

© callisto 2oo8

"capture me"
© callisto 2oo8

"let me go"
© callisto 2oo8

Sometimes, I think the way an artist titles their work is just as intruiging as the work itself, especially in this case.  The last two drawings she did are titled "Capture me" and "Let me go."  Isn't that just the epitome of an eating disorder.

Thank you, Callisto.


brie said...

Wow, how beautiful - and interesting that she didn't even think of her art with the ED in mind.

Anonymous said...

Excellent story-telling with her art.

Callisto said...

"Capture Me" and "Let Me Go", wow I never noticed that. Thanks for pointing that out! I learn something new every day.

I hope some other people send stuff in, I'm really interested in this.