Sunday, November 9, 2008

another hungry american.

I've been bitching and moaning for a while about how I can't afford groceries. I have even recently been denied food stamps because I "make too much," which I find amusing seeing as how I still couldn't afford groceries. And now, here I am, laid-off as of thirty-four hours ago with hardly enough money to my name to pay my first cold-months heating bill.
Yes, I have a lot of opportunities to bring in a little income. I have retail (god, help me) which are all hiring for the upcoming holiday season, I have my temp agency which could have me work by mid-week, I'm not worried about that. My roommate works a job with an authoritative position that I don't have the qualifications for and makes in a week what I used to make in a night.

Let's revisit the part where I'm recovering from an eating disorder. Am I the only one in recovery who doesn't have ample income? I'm pretty sure I'm not, especially with the economy being as it is. It ain't right. My insurance covers my medication, my doctor can even write me a prescription for boost, but I'm on my own for food? Just think about how ridiculous this is for a second. It doesn't even make sense. One of my friends [from treatment] has resorted to dumpster-diving. His therapist is just happy that he's eating. This is what we've come to.
We have to go through treatment (hospitalization, in some cases) because we're not feeding ourselves, but once we're out, we're left on our own whether we can afford it or not. There has to be a way around this. If a doctor tells you that you have to take your medication every single day and it is absolutely necessary to your health, they will find a way to help you afford it if it isn't covered by insurance.

I wonder if I could start something: a non-profit that helps people recovering from eating disorders to get nutrition when they can't make ends meet. I don't know how it would work; I know there are a lot of technicalities that go along with that. I could figure it out. If anyone has any ideas, I'm open to them.


Pokey Jo said...

Aw. I feel your pain. I really hope you can find a job soon to make ends meet. Things will work out soon. <3 hugs

TwistedBarbie said...

Im so sorry buggles. That is just pure crap.
And yes... perhaps there is a larger question of equity at stake here.
What does society owe a person, what do we owe society and what do we owe eachother...
(can you tell im writing grad school midterms?)

Lindsay said...

I'm very sorry you're having to go through this. If you have no limitations of what you can/cannot eat, i know there are oodles of resources on the web for eating very cheaply. I myself used to get by on $10-$15 a week to feed myself. It wasn't what i'd call healthy, but... it was surviving.

Anonymous said...

You may really be on to something. I highly doubt you are the only person in this situation (and I am so sorry you are in it). It's hard enough for *anybody* to make ends meet these days, but for eating disordered population, adequate nutrition (and thus, adequate food supply) is paramount. How many people will come out of treatment and relapse simply because they can't afford food? It would be awesome if you could start a nonprofit for those in need. If you can do it, go for it!

Carrie Arnold said...

This is just sick, twisted and WRONG. Is there a food bank you could visit? Would your parents be willing to help out?

Call your local health department- they might be able to find you some resources, especially if you explain your predicament. They also might be able to hook you up with some people who could help you out with the food stamps.

saa said...

Yes! I am in the same situation. It is scary to me how not being able to afford a lot of food plays into the eating disorder part of my brain. If i have to cut my budget i almost always decide to cut food out first. (And "scary" food is the first to go) I'm aware of it, so I try to make myself work around it, but is definitely an issue. Thanks for bringing this up!

lucky said...

I'm so sorry that you have to go through this. I'm lucky enough that my parents can help out my broke college aged ass, but I understand how frustrating it is. I try to pay for things as often as I can. I'm just getting over my fear shopping at the supermarket, only to realize that there's not enough money to shopping anyway.
I really hope things work out for you. I'll be praying for you. Your blog has helped me so much.

emmy. said...

i really appreciate all your comments. you guys are all so sweet :)

i just want to be sure that it's clear this isn't like, my pity party or anything. the point of this entry is that it isn't right that people recovering from eating disorders are having a difficult time affording what is, essentially, their medication. something needs to be done about this. it not about, "ugh, poor me, this sucks," it's about the fact that it shouldn't even be an issue. something needs to be done about it and i think something can be done so that other men and women in recovery shouldn't have to worry about how to afford food for themselves. that is the last thing they should have to think about. it's hard enough to keep up with a meal plan as it is and it's so easy to give up when money is such a problem.

Michelle said...

I am in the process of starting a nonprofit offering monthtly assistance scholarship money to those who need extra help or relief from all the monthly co-pays, etc. etc.

I am getting ready to submit to the whole gov't process, and then seek funding.

It;s more then a monthly assistance program but VERY focused on life overcoming an eating disorder

Krisha said...

I think that, in the larger community, there is still so much misunderstanding about what recovering from an eating disorder really means. People who are on other, traditionally defined forms of medication are allowed oodles of government assistance. But someone who needs to eat (a simple form of survival, to some) isn't seen as someone who needs help with that. I'm sorry that anyone has to go through this, and there should definitely be a program in place to help people who depend on food not only for sustenance, but mental stability as well. I'd be glad to offer what menial assistance I can with this project. :o)