Sunday, November 2, 2008

from patient to doctor.

Things I find amusing: last year, I was a [legit] hospital patient on Halloween. This year, I was a doctor. It was an easy costume, complete with Fisher Price equipment. I was cute, not gonna lie. Let's see if I can pull up a picture here..

See? Cute. Of course - and, I'm not sure why - I looked like I was 12 that night for some reason.. I think it's the poor bang-cut that I gave myself (they were way too long) and the lack of eyebrow waxing. They seem to bring me right back to the awkward years pretty quick. The sword, by the way, is my friend's. She was a pirate. I cut her out for her own privacy.
I handed out Pop Rocks to my (very few) tables. That seemed to get a pretty good response, especially from the early college range where it feels like a "throw-back" to them, even though Pop Rocks were before their time. Whatever, as long as they were happy.

Now, to return the costume and get that much-needed money back. I'm keeping the scrub pants though. Way too comfortable.

How was everyone else's Halloween?


gabi said...

thankyou for writing. you are an absolute inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I had a fantastic Halloween. I didn't dress up because I stayed home and handed out candy to trick-or-treaters. It was a blast! I got to see tons of costumes, many of them creative and nicely done. It sure beat working, which is what I've done on Halloween for the last few years.

saa said...

Hey thanks for posting my art on your blog. its kinda late but i have been out of town and away from the internet for a while. Your costume is super cute, sounds like you had a pretty good halloween!