Thursday, November 20, 2008

the goal: unite ED bloggers.

I have created a group in the one place that is almost guaranteed to house the majority of the computer-owning human race for us to group up: Facebook. I thought it would be nice to associate a face with the writer and content, and to be able to communicate with each other about what we write, what projects we're working on, and what we're doing for the community outside of our blogs.

The group currently consists of myself (obviously), Carrie, Laura Collins, Harriet Brown, and my love, Kiersten. It is a closed group, so please request an invite and either leave me a comment on here or shoot me a message on Facebook with your name & blog. I will, obviously, not accept anything but blogs written in a pro-recovery nature.

[Blogging for [ED] Awareness & Recovery]


Cammy said...

This is a great idea, it will be very useful to have a common place to access all of these great blogs and do some networking. It's a little tricky for those of us that choose to blog anonymously, though, Facebook is so open now and is routinely checked by prospective employers, etc, this would effectively force "no-namers" to out themselves to the there any way to follow the group without actually becoming a member?

emmy. said...

unfortunately, there isn't, unless i were to make the group secret. i supposed, in doing that, it wouldn't exactly strip the group of it's purpose. so, that way, the bloggers who prefer not to "out" themselves to the world's access of facebook could safely join.

i see no problem with that :)
i'll go change it now.

TwistedBarbie said...

Oh Oh OH!!!
Me me me!!!
I want in!

To whom this may concern, please note this comment as my official request to join.
Thanks :)

TwistedBarbie said...

Good point :)
I cant seem to find the group though...
Any tips on that one?

Tiptoe said...

Emmy, i had the same concerns as Cammy, so as long as I do not have to "out" myself, then I'd love to be a part of the group.

emmy. said...

i have made the group secret so there are no worries :)

the group will not appear in searches and will not appear on your facebook profiles. everyone is free to join without the worry that employers and others will know.

Cammy said...

Great, thanks for taking privacy into consideration. How do I go about joining?

Anonymous said...

I'd be interested in joining if you'll have me. :)

Ai Lu said...

I'd like to join, too.
Great idea.
Ai Lu

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