Saturday, January 31, 2009

ladies & gents, our society.

Man, I can't wait for my beautiful, innocent 15-year-old daughter to think that this is the way she needs to dress for school. I'd like to think I'll be able to raise her with a little more confidence, but you know how kids get tangled up in societal-induced peer pressure.

The following is just absolutely terrifying. The photos are from the newest issue of Teen Vogue. Yes, Teen. This is what they're admiring and aspiring to. (God, I hope I'm lying.)

Credit to Jezebel who, by the way, is absolutely hilarious with their captioning.
Click the plasticized model to our left for the full article.

By the way, as a professionally-trained retoucher.. they ain't real. The boobs, the tan, not even her make-up was that flawless.

And on the last day of the month, I hit my promised 10th post. Holla!


Labyrinith said...

Sickening. And to think Seventeen's cover models bothered me when I was in Junior High and they were shooting for the pure, natural, innocent look. I can't imagine. Grateful I have a son-but that doesn't mean he isn't impacted by the sick way women are perceived/shown/photoshopped by society and the media. Whether raising a son or daughter, we have to be on guard and sadly treat this as a war with the media. I have so much to say about this-but I will stop because he wants a cuddle and thankfully isn't at the age he care's about anything more. But, oh ....I am nauseous that was in Teen Vogue! sickened. XO you ms. Emy. hugs, K

Labyrinith said...

Now that I have actually looked at all of the pictures, I think Teen Vogue should be pulled from the shelves. What the F!? UGH. Off to dreamland w/ some tea and a movie-hoping when I wake tomorrow, the media will get a clue, though they won't. Great post Em. Thank you!

Robbi said...

The comments were too hysterical! It's like the Daily Show on Teen Models! Hey we may be on to somehting. what a great talk show that would make! Loved it! BTW...I will NEVER wear pink again. I had no idea!

Standing in the Rain said...

looks like a transvestite to me.