Thursday, January 8, 2009

water challenge.

Dehydration can be a huge problem with eating disorders and, actually, the human race in general. It can cause serious health problems including (and in my specific case) chronic orthostasis. Far too many people not only come nowhere close to how much water they should be drinking in a day, but don't even know what the required amount is.

Water has always been a huge problem for me. I was required to drink a large amount of Gatorade while I was in treatment, and still try to keep up with that regiment. My friend - a far more active and healthy human being than myself - found a website today that calculates how much water you should be drinking in a day. I thought it would be interesting to challenge myself to drink that amount - 51 oz - which is far more than I do drink in a day. This is just a one day challenge. Baby steps.

Here is the website if you would like to join me: Hydration Calculator.
(The site asks for your weight. If you don't know the number, just plug-in what you think a rough estimate would be.)

Fact: if you feel thirsty, your body is already dehydrated.


gabi dickinson said...

I might have to join you in this! I am TERRIBLE at drinking water. When I was in treatment I was forever being made to carry a bottle of water around with. Oops.

Kara said...

Thanks for for the hydration calculator website - I need to drink more water too!

Cammy said...

Interesting, because I have always had the opposite problem. I can easily drink 3 gallons of water a day, no less than 2, and it is NOT because of attempts to fill my stomach, I'm just that thirsty. It could be partly due to the fact that I live in a very hot climate and am pretty physically active, and have a penchant for salty food, etc.

Bill said...

I'm terrible at drinking water but I now keep a water container with me all the time. I've been drinking at least 50oz of pure water per day (i just started this week). Not counting other beverages and foods. It's really helped!

Anonymous said...

Why cant we just listen to our bodies, though? Is there something specifically that happens in an ED that makes you not drink enough?

If I am thirsty, I am already dehydrated--right, because that's how my body lets me know I need more water. If I am hungry, I need more food. That sounds okay to me.


Charlynn said...

My water intake is definitely not where it should be. Count me in. :)

Labyrinith said...
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Labyrinith said...

Ok, phew. At first it told me to be drinking like 78 oz of water, but I am in the same range as you-I am up for a good challenge-does coffee count? Kidding. Thanks Em! Love ya!

Big J said...

Cripes! I need to drink 134 ounces of water a day. That's 3.1 liters. If I ever fall into the Charles, at least I'll be neutrally buoyant.

emmy. said...

a) i'm so glad everyone's so excited about this! i didn't expect such a sweet response, haha.

b) bill - nice work :) that's so good for you. i'm glad you're keeping it up!

c) barb - i think it's all very individualized. for me, i hated the feeling of being full (as many people with my diagnoses do) and water fills me up wicked fast so i never drank.. anything. hence, crazy dehydration and chronic orthostasis.

d) j - please don't fall in the charles. you'll grow extra limbs and then have to drink even more water. that'll be an issue.

keep it up, guys! it's really amazing how much better our bodies will run when they're well hydrated. it's so so important.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Ah, I see. Sounds like the guideline works very well for you, then :)