Tuesday, January 6, 2009

so this is the new year..

Happy 2oo9, everyone!
Hope you all have a great new year. I personally spent my new year with some good friends, hot cider (mmm) and.. quite a bit of Guitar Hero, actually. I had to work the following morning, so that kind of sucked, but yay for holiday pay!

Big things are in store for this year. First, let us reminisce over the fact the one year anniversary of my discharge from Walden is approaching. This, of course, means that, for the first time since 2oo6, I will have gone one year without treatment. That's pretty kick ass, not gonna lie. I actually got to catch up with Kyle for a bit tonight who, one year ago this time, was fighting his way through the day program with me. He's doing pretty well and seems to be pretty happy these days; always a beautiful thing to hear.

As some of you know, via Facebook, I started my internship with MEDA today. It's going to be pretty fantastic, for sure. The run down seems to be that I'll be mostly in charge of design work (flyers and whatnot) which is amazing because I'll actually get to combine my interests and I'll get to use my work for portfolio. I'll also be doing some clerical duties (which I love in some sick way), hopefully getting to do some presentations (e.g. school health fairs), and.. apparently a little acting? I can't even put my excitement into words.

I also seem to be getting little pushes from people to start up my Hope & Inspiration story. For those who don't know, H&I is an open forum at MEDA on the first Saturday of every month. A recovered speaker shares their story and opens themselves up for Q&A afterwards. Apparently, after doing so, you also have the option to become a group leader at MEDA, which I pretty much dream of.
I guess I should get started on writing it so I'm prepared when the time comes. As I told someone today, I would like to wait until I am a little more "visually appropriate" before speaking. Somehow, people don't take as well to recovery stories spoken by someone who doesn't physically look the part. And, from a patients' eyes, I can understand where the skepticism comes from. So.. I continue to work.. and eat.
Before I head to bed - which I am crazy overdue for - here are some goals for the new year:
  • minimum of 10 posts per month.
  • completing my redesign by Frozen.Oranges' 1 year anniversary (2/o8).
  • some serious work on time management (which will help the above two a lot, as well).


Labyrinith said...

Congrats on the MEDA internship! I am so proud of you! Tell Kyle I said hi. I believe we were all "rubber-banding" it in that room around the same time-is it one year already? You go girl! Keep those boost shakes going.
Love you Em!

Jen said...

Very cool about the internship. I'm actually giving a Hope and Inspiration speech at MEDA in May and Waltham next week! Even if you think it's too early for you, jot down some ideas. This blog will be a big help for you if you want to write one in the future, too!