Tuesday, June 24, 2008

a little extra cushion.

two very close friends of mine were married this past weekend.  starting on friday night, it was rehearsal dinner, to breakfast and lunch at home, to wedding night, to hotel brunch sunday morning, to dinner with the bride's family sunday night, to breakfast with the groom monday morning, to a pizza dinner monday evening.  meal after meal after meal.  it was fantastic.
i hadn't eaten this well in a while, so i was hoping it would do me some good.  my moment of truth came while i was driving over to meet my roommate at an apartment we were checking out.  now, bare with me; this is not an incredibly gripping tale, but it was huge for me.

i had an itch on my ribs, while i was in the car.  these are usually my least favorite to scratch because i might as well be scratching the bone itself.  it's painful where there's nothing but thin skin between bone and your fingernails.  but, today, there was not just skin; it was squishy.  there is padding building up over that bone and, if you know me at all, you know i wiggled a little.. by myself.. alone in the car.  i'm pretty sure i even squealed a bit.

the fantastic part is that, because i've been eating so much and so consistently, i'm used to eating that often.  i've been hungry constantly the past couple days, like i used to get when i would hit a growth-spurt as a teenager.  i've been snacking more and eating larger meals.  it's awesome.  i think i've got myself on a roll and i can thank my friends' wedding weekend for that, i suppose.

i see my new RD (registered dietician; aka nutritionist) for the second time on wednesday morning.  i'd say this sets us off to a good start.  maybe i'll be over trips by my birthday.  i mean, come on now.. what 22-year-old weighs as much as a 12-year-old.. and still looks like one.  time to grow up.... and out.


Vickyann said...

YEAH!!!!! Good for you. It's a big step to feel comfortable and it's a slow process.

Relish in your achievements.


Cammy said...

You have so much to be proud of. It's terrific that you are at the point where you can enjoy moving towards a healthier body and life, I especially love the very last line of your post! It's really easy to let special events (weddings, trips, etc) become overshadowed by ED anxieties, I am so incredibly glad you have been able to enjoy yourself!
Keep fighting the good fight, and thanks for sharing that story!