Wednesday, June 4, 2008

.:. t.w.l.o.h.a .:.

so, i did the only thing i could.  i joined the street team.

i am finding that more and more people are learning about twloha, which i find to be a beautiful thing.  before this cause was started, the subject of self-injury was far too taboo and greatly misunderstood.  honestly, it's the first time i've heard the term "self-injury" separated from "suicide" under a supportive name.

for those who have never heard of this cause, it is about raising awareness of depression, addiction, self-injurious behaviors, and suicide.  it is a strongly music-influenced group, which i think is really cool and probably does wonders for reaching those who really need the help.

if you are any kind of supporter for eating disorder awareness, far too often these situations go hand-in-hand.  i strongly recommend you get involved.

you can check out the whole site @


Vickyann said...

What a great cause they are!

I wasn't able to attend t.w.l.o.h.a's concerts in the UK this year which I was very sorry for but next time I won't miss them!


Labyrinith said...

This is a great group. I have been following them and even bought a shirt-I am a sucker for online shopping.
love you Em!

emmy. said...

i bought a shirt, too :)

KC Elaine said...

thanks for the reference! I'll look into it.