Friday, June 13, 2008

neda con 'o8.

i dream of the day when i can get this e-mail from neda and book my flight out to the conference.  i've received this e-mail for the 3rd time and i would really love to go.

maybe by the time i can afford to up and fly out, i'll be speaking at it.  hey, nice to dream, right?

click here for more information, in case you aren't subscribed to their newsletter.  everything is in there from topics and talks that will be covered, to the logistics of travel and accommodations to how to get involved with the conference itself (my dream).
if you have the time (& money) and have any connection to the eating disordered world, get the hell out there and enjoy it for me, too!

has anyone ever been, or is anyone planning on attending this year?


Harriet said...

I went last year; I was presenting there with some other folks, including Walt Kaye.

I was kind of disheartened, actually, by the profit-making aspects of the treatment centers that were there. The swag, the bling, the slick sales pitches. I'm not sure I'd go back.

emmy. said...

well.. that's pretty disappointing to hear :/

i'm not sure how i feel about that..

Claire said...

I have also presented at a past conference, and I hope to make it there this year if my schedule allows. I have been encouraged to see that NEDA includes workshops for family members and advocates, along with presentations on the latest research on the field.

As for the profit aspects--having worked in the non-profit arena for most of my career, I'll say that funding is a major consideration for any conference. Sponsorship from treatment centers equals a smaller conference fee for individuals who want to attend. I wasn't there last year, so can't speak to whether the sales pitches were too much, but typically sponsors have a designated area to set up displays and distribute materials. Personally, I've never found it intrusive on the workshops or other aspects of the conference.

Vickyann said...

I'd like to go too but the finances won't allow it just yet.


Harriet said...

I probably have a stronger pov on the for-profit treatment centers than most people do. I think you'd feel inspired by at least some of what was going on there, Emmy. Didn't mean to bring you down totally. :-)

emmy. said...

haha, well i'm feeling a little better about it, now :) still excited by the prospect of hopefully going one year!

rerobbi said...

Wouldn't it be cool if they picked 5 recovering people a year to speak at the convention! It would include thier admission fee and hotel. How inspiring and helpful would that be to professionals, family members and advocates? You should never hear the words, "I'd like to go but I can't afford it" from a cause like this! :)

KC Elaine said...

wanted to go this year but my paper was rejected :/