Tuesday, December 11, 2007


i waited too long to update, and now i have 15 minutes before i have to knock myself out. and i haven't even eaten my pudding yet. whatevs.

oh, shit, but i have to work tomorrow so i actually have to get ample sleep. soo, i guess it's going to be one of those nights where i just run down a quick list of things. here goes:
  • fuck ice.
  • i hit 100 lbs!!
  • tomorrow's my last day @ php.
  • which means job searching becomes intense.
  • tana and i bought our xmas tree today - very excited :D
  • i got a little knot in my stomach... so i did what was long overdue.
  • and that became an odd turnout...
  • i've decided to not bring it up and see what happens...
  • my patience really is wearing down - i think i actually cringed today.
  • bex's present kind of made my day :)
  • things keep changing. i like it. my life actually kind of feels exciting :)
  • no, you can not. not interested, thanks.
  • can we talk about how excited i am for new years?

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