Tuesday, March 4, 2008

fight for mental health parity.

the following is an e-mail i received from the director of edu & outreach at MEDA. please follow accordingly to help fight for mental health parity. we deserve insurance coverage. your friends and family with eating disorders deserve insurance coverage. too many patients are not getting the care they need because they're being cut off far too soon and treatment can cost up to $2000 a day.

it would take about 2 minutes tops out of your day to shoot an e-mail to our rep and help this get passed.

Dear MEDA supporters:

If you are interested in advocating for mental health parity for eating disorders, which would ultimately result in an increase in insurance benefits, please read the message below sent by the Academy For Eating Disorders (AED) and call or email before Wednesday.

Kristin Fabbri, M.A.

Director of Education and Outreach


92 Pearl Street

Newton, MA 02458

(p) 617.558.1881 x15 (f) 617.558.1771

Dear AED Members,

Thanks to the efforts of citizens, policy makers and advocacy groups across America the House of Representatives has scheduled a historic vote on a comprehensive mental health/substance use parity bill on Wednesday, March 5. This vote is critical to our shared goal of winning enactment of a strong mental health parity law this year. We can pass this legislation now but we need your help:

Call the Toll-Free Parity Hotline @ 1-866-parity4

Given the importance of this vote, please take a minute to also call your Representative using the toll-free Parity Hotline, 1-866-parity4 (1-866-727-4894). The Parity Hotline reaches the Capitol switchboard, which can connect callers to their members of Congress. If you do not know the name of your Representative, click here. Please make this important call before Wednesday, March 5th.

Message: “I am calling to ask that the Representative vote for H.R. 1424, the Paul Wellstone Mental Health & Addiction Equity Act. Parity is a fair and affordable solution to insurance discrimination that will save lives and families.”

Send an e-mail: Urge your member of Congress to support passage of H.R.1424, the Paul Wellstone Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act by sending an e-mail. Go to your Representatives website for her/his e-mail address.

Any supporter of this legislation can sign up to become a “citizen cosponsor” of the bill by going to www.equitycampaign.net.

With your help we can get finally get this done. Thank you in advance for your support!

AED Advocacy Committee

Wendy Oliver-Pyatt, MD

Founder, Oliver-Pyatt Centers

Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of Nevada


Office: 886.511.HEAL (4325)

Cellular: 775-250-2421


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