Monday, March 24, 2008

mixing passions.

(1) my photography practicum is coming up.

prac·ti·cum (prăk'tĭ-kəm) pronunciation

A school or college course, especially one in a specialized field of study, that is designed to give students supervised practical application of previously studied theory: advanced practicums in teaching reading.

[German Praktikum, from Late Latin prācticum, neuter of prācticus, practical. See practical.]

it's very similar to an internship; i will be working with a non-profit organization who needs my photographic services for a promotional project of some sort. it begins on april 7th and i will be working with the organization until a week before graduation.
we received a list of organizations on friday: planned parenthood, angell (mspca), and a ton of others that continue to apply for our services each year. meda has never applied, but i'm going to be building a pitch to them over the next couple days.
my practicum adviser said she would get in touch with them to introduce our project while i write my ideas out. she said it's rare for an organization to turn a student down (hey, free promo work!). i just have to find a pitch that avoids anything that may cross the confidentiality line. she said she's really excited to see how i could combine the two passions i have. so am i :)

if they don't need me, my friend and i might apply for planned parenthood and/or the wildlife preservation, but i'm really hoping for meda. i'll let you know it works out.

(2) this is a personal photo project i would like to do. i'd like to collect scales (old, shitty, broken, long as they don't have athlete's foot) and do a smash up shoot. if it comes out well, maybe i can use it for something - if nothing else, maybe my gallery show in may.

if you click above, it'll take you to the craigslist ad.
feel free to pass it on to anyone else
who might be interested in getting involved!


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Tracey said...


The "smash up" scale shoot sounds interesting-- like that idea! Do post your work when complete, would love to see it. I think this could be a very commanding and empowering piece, both for yourself and others-- kudos!

It's fantastic to read how you are working in your creative avenues and abilities and reaching out to the wider community to find additional means of connecting both the personal and political within promoting ED awareness and support. What a talented and motivating spirit you are!

I hope MEDA takes interest in the "pitch"-- I can't imagine why they wouldn't-- you've been there, done it... you're walking the walk, talking the talk-- yet you're not enraged or bitter or proselytizing ad naseum. You're DOING something for change, and combining it with a creative, caring and supportive quality that comes from the heart, and one that can provide a very unique perspective and scope to any proposed project.

Good Luck and I wish you the Best!