Wednesday, March 5, 2008

israeli fashion photographer takes a stand.

this article touches far too many parts of my life at a time, it's a little scary. however, that is besides the point. this is the story of an israeli fashion photographer who lost a dear friend - an anorexic israeli model - and is now devoting himself to a world-wide campaign against models with a bmi (body mass index) of under 19. i will admit, though, the title of the article bugs me in a few different ways, but i'll get past it. it's a good article.

[thanks to kc elaine for bringing this story to my attention.]


KC Elaine said...

no, you didn't trigger me! I love this guy, he's pioneering legislation that I hope passes. glad I found your blog, i love what you write

Michelle said...

I think it's ironic and typical that the first sponsored link right after the story says:

Lose 15 pounds this month:
Oprah and CBS featured hoodia...

So typical of Media.

hotsauce said...

what the f.

did you also watch the video that went along with that story? i only made it halfway through, and stopped when they asked a random woman on the street what she thought of the skinny model ban and she said she disagreed with it because "face it, skinny people look better in their clothes."

also, i would like to point out that michael kors is full of it: "i like curvy woman." please. so he likes skinny models that have a hint of breasts on their chests. if he's so concerned with designing for "real women" as he says, why does he not make the catwalk samples for women who are shorter and curvier?

and third (and then i'll stop ranting), i felt the furies rising within me when the glamour mag woman defended the use of skinny models because making small couture dresses costs less money. ???? the difference in the area of cloth needed for a size 0 versus a larger size is not so huge that the designers could not manage to make, say, a size 6 or 8 (gasp!). that was the most asinine defense i've ever heard for keeping skinny models.

nice post, but damn girl, way to give me a headache! : )

Colin said...

A friend of mine was looking through fashion magazines for ideas, and I was like, "You know those clothes are designed to be worn by hangers, right? Not women."

Juliet said...

I would like to hope it helps, but I'm skeptical at best. I also find it laughable that Italy required "proof" models don't have eating disorders.

My ED shows itself clearly... but I know many, many women who struggled with bulimia or anorexia and who managed to maintain a facade of normalcy for long periods of time before it became physically apparent they were ill.