Thursday, March 13, 2008

reader's recipe #1.

fellow blogger, carrie (ed bites), shares her supplement-"boosting" recipe:

1 cup super premium coffee ice cream (Hagen-Daaz or Ben and Jerry's), softened
1 cup whole milk
1 packet chocolate carnation instant breakfast

blend all (carrie also rocks the magic bullet).
top with redi-whip and cocoa powder.

i know a few others, besides myself, who have an odd reaction to carnation powder. however, carnation sells supplements in boxes (like juice boxes) that, for some reason, don't effect me. they're just good. so, if you have the same issue, you can also swap that in. same with a boost or ensure.

thanks, carrie :)
feel free to send more supplement improvement recipes my way.


Colin said...

I fucking love Carnation instant breakfast. Love love love. Especially the malty one.

I used to steal packets of it from crazyschool, with A. stealing bundles of string cheese. I wanted to steal Gatorade, but couldn't figure out how to smuggle it in my pocket.

Krystle said...

Hey! No problem! I'll update it now, and I'll post my contact email. Thank you so much for your lovely commment, btw. :)

carrie said...

If you're going to blend ice or frozen things, however, make sure you have a glass blender (or one that's labeled "ice safe").

Not that I broke any blenders myself. Especially not by blending ice. Nope nope nope. :)

emmy. said...

hahaha ;)

another reason i highly recommend the magic bullet. the bullet has no problem with ice or frozen fruits :)