Tuesday, April 15, 2008

reality check, via txt.

at 7:43am, i received a text message from a friend of mine currently on the walden edu:

"my roommate just fell and broke her hip! she just turned 34! my age! reality check."

it's the unfortunate truth.


Michelle said...

When diagnosised with Osteopenia there are some good resources out there also, I am currently viewing a DVD and a newer book on it. Speaking with your psychiartist and PCP about mediciations that might interfere with calcium absortion like the pill, etc. is always a good thing. And starting to build bone now to take cal. with vitamin D, and working on some simple move that promote bone health can start today.

I work with the elderly so it's crucial that even though you might have a diagnosis of osteopenia like myself or even osteoperosis, there are steps to take to help yourself.

KC Elaine said...


carrie said...

I broke an ankle due to osteoporosis (which is thankfully reversing due to healthy body weight and plenty of calcium), and it was definitely a wake up. We never think it will happen to us.


I never knew the pill could interfere with calcium absorption- ironic considering that it is often prescribed to help prevent further loss of bone density.

Michelle said...

they are looking into the pill, deepro the shot definetly is a no no if you have osteo...issues.

also when taking birth control pill be careful of interactions with certain meds...topomax interferes with most birth control pills but not the patch.

emmy. said...

yeah, lamictal can apparently cancel out bc, as well. never take anything without doing research, first.